Why you and your entire FM team need to be at IFMA’s World Workplace

Facility managers and other workplace professionals:

Need to make a strong business case for financial support or approval for time off to attend this year’s event? Follow these three steps:

FM supervisors:

If you want to boost operational efficiencies, protect your brand and assets, safeguard your employees, meet organizational goals, raise your corporate profile, recruit and retain top talent, and be that best place to work, then you have a vested interest in your facility team’s success.

It’s easier to reach the top when someone is giving you a hand. By supporting your team’s attendance, your entire organization benefits. World Workplace provides your FM team with a year’s worth of training in all 11 facility management core competencies, allowing them to:

#1: Manage and master change through better FM processes.
#2: Sharpen the skills that allow them to excel in FM.
#3: Get answers to big questions for your facility.
#4: Smoothly integrate ever-changing technology for better facility control.
#5: Prepare for facility emergencies with greater confidence.
#6: Renew your facility’s environment and employees’ well-being.
#7: Engage and develop the next generation of facility managers, support staff and technicians.

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